To whom it may concern:


In October 2014, I contacted Mark Leitch, owner of Rio Grande estate sales, LLC, concerning my desire to have an estates sale at 4305 Senna  Las Cruces, NM 88011. Since it was recommended that the house be on the market prior to the sale, there were things that needed to be done prior to the sale, such as the painting of the exterior, in order to maximize the potential contribution of the estate sale to the overall marketing plan for the house.


The work on the house was completed in mid December, and as a result, th estate sale was scheduled for January 9th and 10th. Mark and his team started sale preparation immediately which included advertisement, research, and initial efforts to organize the items for sale.

The estate sale occurred as planned, It is estimated that close to 1000 people attended the sale which is a tribute to the sale marketing eeffort put forth by Rio Grande Estate sales team. Although it is too early to measure the contribution of the estate sale to the overall house marketing plan, there have been several personal contacts to date.



James E.