Winners of cash prize


I have the winners (6) winners from the drawing Friday August 3rd and Saturday August 4th at the Ironshoe Estate sale location.

The winners were randomly chosen By Irelynd K. (Joes Granddaughter) she can be seen here holding the winners entrys!

The following winners can pick up there winnings 

At our sale August 17th or 18th

Friday 9-4 or

Saturday 9-2 at :


4815 Senita Dr sale In Las Cruces,NM


The winners are :

~Ed Tounley, $50

~Alice Richardson $50

-Mary Phillips $25

-Jaimee Trijillo $25

~Sandra Abravanel $25

And~ Debbie Ashida $25

(Let me know if spelling is incorrect)
Let us know if that does not work for you to come pick up we can make other arrangements call Joe at 575-993-1699
Thank you to all who came we had a blast