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Frequently Asked Questions

Having to make the decision to hold an Estate Sale can be a very difficult and challenging one, depending on the circumstances. The initial consultation to explain all aspects associated with holding an Estate Sale is totally free and without obligation. There are many reasons why an Estate Sale may be needed- from downsizing, moving, divorce, or assisting Executors in the settling of an Estate. When you choose Rio Grande Estate Sales, LLC, remember- “We do all the work for you”. We want this process to be as stress-free as possible for our clients.

Rio Grande Estate Sales, LLC is capable of providing total and comprehensive Estate Sale Solutions. We understand that a sale involves selling “memories of a lifetime” belongings and treat every sale with the dignity and respect it deserves.

How Much Does an Estate Sale Cost?

Rio Grande Estate Sales, LLC works solely on commission. In most cases, there are no set-up fees and no hidden advertising costs. All labor and associated sale costs come solely from the commission. We assume responsibility for checks and all monies. We accept all major credit cards and the credit card fee is part of the commission also. Our basic commission is 30%, with reduced commissions for vehicles, various “collections” such as coin or stamp collections, and fine art. At the conclusion of a sale, a detailed accounting is given to the client, with all items $50 and over being itemized. All items selling for under $50 are collectively classified as ‘Miscellaneous Household”. Clients are paid within 7 business days from the final day of the sale.

What does getting ready for a sale involve?

Setting up for an Estate Sale may take as little as a few days, or could take weeks- it all depends on the situation. We strongly suggest families NOT throw anything out, as often times what one person deems as worthless, in fact could have value. Our team will sort through belongings to find items of value and price accordingly. The Staff of Rio Grande Estate Sales, LLC will stage your home with your belongings organized and properly displayed. The proper staging of a house and displaying of the contents significantly adds to buyer enthusiasm when they attend a sale, and often times may increase interest in the Real Estate if going to be sold. Estate Sales can attract hundreds or thousands of prospective buyers during the course of a sale. The more attractive the staging is, and belongings attractively displayed, the more the customers want to buy. We are a bonded and licensed company. We also hold all personal and legal papers, photographs and other “family papers” in a separate area, and can ship these to the family. We will gladly provide copies of our license and bond upon request.

What can you sell?

We can sell virtually anything and everything- which is legal to sell. We can sell vehicles, boats, firearms and ammunition, household items, jewelry, furniture, antiques, electronics, collectibles, Fine Art, and stamp and coin collections. And the list would go on! We request signed titles for vehicles 5 days prior to sale day. If we come across an item which we are unable to sell, we would contact the client immediately.

What If I Only Have A Few Things To Sell?

We can work with a client to remove a few items and add to another sale when possible. We can add items to a sale to enhance the overall customer appeal and increase attendance. We also can offer other options with selling a limited number of items. We also work closely with other Companies who can directly purchase a small number of items.

How Do You Price Things?

All efforts to fairly price merchandise are made to benefit both the client and the buyer. As we work on commission, we strive to get you the best price possible for your items. We have a CAGA certified Appraiser on Staff, as well as will use other Professional Appraisers (at our cost) when deemed necessary. We research items to price items to the best of our ability. We will sort, price, and attractively present your items. Clients may also put reserves on items that they don’t want to see sold below a certain price point. Prior to a sale, all prices are reviewed by the Estate Sale team. Prices are typically held firm on the first day, with reductions being taken the second day. The goal is that by the end of the sale, all merchandise will be sold and liquidated.

How Long Is An Estate Sale Conducted?

Typically an Estate Sale runs 2 days, usually on Friday and a Saturday. Our hours on Friday are 9am-5pm and on Saturday 8am-1pm. There could be circumstances where a sale is only conducted for one day, or could involve multiple week-ends or additional days — again, all depending on the situation. We will construct a sale best suited to your needs. We will be flexible to accommodate your needs and schedule. Again, we are working for you, and want this to be a totally stress free event.

How Do You Advertise A Sale?

We advertise in the local paper with a detailed sale ad. The ad will be placed for 4 days, usually Wednesday to Saturday of the Sale Week. We will also use Electronic Media such as Craigslist and others to advertise. The web site will be updated for each sale with photographs and listings of what is being sold, and emails will go out to the address book. We will use social media advertising outside the immediate area to attract out-of-town buyers. On the day of the sale, multiple street signs will be strategically placed to attract additional interest and attendance to the sale.

What Happens With Items That Don’t Sell?

Our goal is to sell everything, and offer the client many options to liquidate the remainder. We work with local nonprofit organizations who can accept the items as a donation, and other options can be reviewed with the client. Again, we want to remove the stress with liquidating the contents of an Estate.

Do You Clean Up After The Sale?

The Staff of Rio Grande Estate Sales, LLC will clean -sweep and vacuum the entire house, and wipe down the counters after a sale.

So What Is The Next Step?

Easy! Give us a call at 575.993.1699 and schedule a no cost-no obligation initial consultation.

We are a member of the Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce and the B.B.B

Certified Appraisers, C.A.G.A